Effective as of 1 March, 2020

This agreement summaries the significant items TCH Foodworks would like you and all our customers to understand when attending TCH Foodworks’ cooking/baking classes. Kindly read thoroughly and understand the items outlined below prior to signing up for any of our classes.

  1. Definitions in this agreement, the specific terms are defined as the followings:
    • TCH Foodworks Sdn Bhd is hereinafter referred to as “Company”.
    • Cooking or baking classes conducted under Company’s management is hereinafter referred as “TCH Foodworks Sdn Bhd”.
    • Anyone whom sign up for classes at TCH Foodworks under this term of agreement is hereinafter referred to as “TCH Member”.
    • Cooking and baking class or any other courses conducted are hereinafter referred to as “Regular class” and “class”.
    • Website operated by the Company is hereinafter referred to as “Company’s website”.
    • Laptop and smartphone URL: tchfoodworks.com
  2. Enrolment
    • Enrolment refers to the acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined herein and applying for TCH Foodworks’ membership while Contract refers to the applications into TCH Foodworks’s classes. Enrolment is in effect upon completion of the payment.
    • Individuals who have experienced any allergic physical reaction before shall inform the Company before attending any of the classes.
    • For membership sign ups, one must follow the following procedures:

For payment, kindly choose between credit card/online transfer or cash payment. In case of cash payment, one should pay at TCH Foodworks before or the day of the class. In case of credit card or online transfer, one should pay in full. Besides that, all data and details provided together with TCH Member’s own signature (including electronic & handwritten signatures) shall be deemed as a declaration strictly by no one else but that TCH Member him/herself.

  • In the case that one selects to use their credit card, the procedure will be based on each credit card company’s terms of use. One is to contact the credit card company directly for the change of payment method.
  • A total of MYR 100 will be charged for lifetime membership fee upon registration.
  • Parental consent and signature is required for applicants who are between 4 to 13 years of age.
  • The company has the right to withhold the enrolment in case that the company judges the enrolment is inappropriate.
  1. TCH Foodworks Membership ID
    • Membership ID shall be issued one (1) per member.
    • Membership ID and membership benefits cannot be borrowed/lent/transferred to others under any circumstances.
  2. Course Rules
    • Maximum validity for combination of classes is 6 months for basic package and 12 months for intermediate package starting from TCH Value Package application day.
    • The Company has the rights to alter the products and services, including those provided via company’s website. The Company will notify alteration by means of website and notification by email or message to TCH members.
  3. Reservation rules
    • Every class requires a reservation and booking.
    • Lesson reservations are accepted via phone call or email at 03-79313057 or connect@tchfoodworks.com.
    • When making reservation by phone, please call directly to TCH Foodworks during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9.30am-6.30pm).
  4. Lesson Rules
    • For the sake of starting and conducting the lessons per schedule, applicants should be on time for the reserved class. Applicants whom are not able to attend classes are to inform TCH staff at least 2 days before the class in order to avoid forfeiting of attending classes.
    • Applicants are to only receive the Company’s original recipe after completing their classes. Unattended applicants do not have the right to received any forms of the Company’s original recipe (hereinafter referred to as TCH’s recipe) such as via photo or even copying and sharing it.
    • The Company prohibits anyone from smoking indoor, attendance to the class by anyone other than TCH Member, touching or using of the Company’s assets unpermitted and bringing as well as the usage of kitchen equipment.
  5. Extension Rules
    • Extension is based on the request, reason and condition that is to be made before the expiry date of Value Package purchased by TCH Members.
    • The Company is not obligated to extend the abovementioned application that is less than 30 days or 1 month.
    • Kindly contact the Company for application of extension.
  6. Termination of package(s)
    • In case of the termination of package, the Company do not accept any termination of Value Package requested by any TCH Member.
  7. Handling of Personal Information
    • Any personal information the Company gathers will be used solely for the purpose of providing our services. It is our policy to take necessary steps to make sure all personal information held by us is justly and lawfully processed.
  8. Others
    • All TCH Members are to take care and watchful of their valuable belongings as the Company is not responsible for any lost or stolen items and accidents that might have caused.
    • The Company is not held responsible for any accidents or troubles that might happened on the way to TCH Foodworks. In addition, as for minors below 18 years of age in attendance, all responsibility shall be in the hands of their guardian.
    • Participants below 9 years old have to be accompanied by their guardian or parents throughout the way from and to TCH Foodworks.
    • TCH Member with allergies are to be aware of the ingredients listed on the recipes at one’s own responsibility. The Company shall not be held responsible for any allergic reactions of TCH Member.
    • The Company holds the rights to do necessary amendments or all or certain parts of this agreement.
    • Rules and regulations regarding other services that the Company provides such as Trial Class or any other events shall be based on terms and conditions that the Company separately determines, and one should follow accordingly.
  9. Enquiry
    • For any questions or further clarification regarding this agreement or TCH Foodworks Sdn Bhd, please contact us.