GG-02 Home Composting Machine

  • Electrically-powered
  • Suitable for homes, coffee shops, schools, and offices
  • Capacity: 4kg of food waste per day
  • Compost can be removed weekly
  • Treatment Time: 24 hours
  • Average Waste Reduction: 80% – 90%

Composting food waste is a step towards creating a greener, cleaner world. If you’ve tried your hands on manual composting, you will know that if not done correctly, it can sometimes be a messy and foul-smelling affair.

Introducing the Oklin GG-02, an electric home compost machine designed to make composting at home or in your workplace an easy, breezy, odourless affair.

This sleek indoor composter is compact, easy to clean, and ideal for homes, cafes, and offices. It utilises AciduloⓇ microbes to compost food waste in 24 hours, producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used as fertilisers in your home gardens.


Weight: 27-kilograms
Height: 30-inches
Width: 18-inches
Depth: 18-inches

Electricity Consumption

110 – 240V, 50/60 Hz (All voltages, frequencies supported)

Power Consumption

60 – 90 kWh/month

Max Draw Power

240 W


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